Fast times at community college (high)

Fast times at community college and other disappointments of Utah’s education system
by OddOneOut

Last tuesday I sat in my COMM 1010 class (a lower level class offered at SLCC) I am messing around on my computer, semi listening to one of my more favorable instructors. Art, a short ethnic older man who by the way is a total 60’s hippie. Last year my friend Colton and I were in Art’s COMM 1500 together and we would always joke in a class about how when class was over, Art probably goes home puts on some Janis Joplin and blazes a big ol’ fatty. Im in this class, because… well I had too and because I know Art he’s an easy-A, the type of classroom he runs is open discussion. But this is a 1010 class, its a general education class which means, these kids coming out of high school are too scared to speak up, and involve themselves in the open discussion that usually consists of just me and Art talking shit about Donald Trump…But I digress.

So whilst typing away as quietly as I could Art asks the class “why do you think cops are shooting unarmed black men?”

The class was quiet as usual, until a white 20-something millennial never-left-Utah, raised his hand and said, “well statistically, blacks commit more crime thats why they are shot”. ….Yes -welcome to community college.


GTFOH with that bullshit!!

This is what I put up with, and I can only imagine how our black community feels in Utah. My ears didn’t believe what I heard, I mean I do have serious tinnitus compliments from the Corps. So most of the time I dismiss stupid shit or what I think is stupid shit because I don’t understand what they say anyway. It was only after class I walked up to Art said, “did he really say that or was he being sarcastic?”
“Yes, he really said that”
“Are you serious?”
“Yep and the entire class were nodding their heads agreeing with him”

From there me and Art when into our talks about how sheltered these Utah millennials really are, and how VERY unprepared they are for the REAL WORLD, I was at that age as well.

Why did he say that?
Does he really believe that?
Was the entire class really agreeing with him?
Well fuck there aren’t any black americans in this class so its possible…
I’ll bet he heard that from his parents…Wow his parents are d*ck wads!

These are the more censored thoughts going through my head. Before I left class I looked up such claims, and I couldn’t find a single thing proving what he said. In fact the only race based crime data base I could find that was actually A REAL SOURCE (not wiki or fox, or some white power movement site) was from the FBI in 2012.

The FBI actual collected and reported on what is called Table 43, on what races where committing what crimes and in how many numbers. The results will surprise you, no matter how opened minded you are.
Table 43 2012 (mind you it takes a very long time to create this type of study) showed this; Total crimes by white americans 6,502,919. The most out of any race, more than black americans which were only at 2,640,067.

So according to the FBI white americans are about 3x more likely to commit a crime than black americans. It took me .60 seconds to find this information on google, thats right I googled it! Now normally I don’t believe anything the government says, but these are hard numbers from the Uniform Crime Report, I mean if you can’t turn to this what can you turn too?

I was in a way in my I-told-you-so attitude, I ran to an empty classroom with a printer and printed these facts. Ready to literally throw the facts of life in his face. Until I stopped and realized….You cant get mad at a child for repeating a swear word because they obviously heard it from an adult. This kid like many Utah white males learn things from either;
A. Fox News -Once their “expert” said Birmingham England had “no go zones” if you are none muslim you simply don’t go there.

B. parents -This state is predominantly White and LDS (latter day saints), they follow a completely different bible. Out here they still believe you are going to hell if you are gay, if you masterbate, if you sleep naked or if you consume coffee….yes coffee 😦

C. Their friends -We tend to congregate with people that are similar to us, same morals, same belief system, same political system. So of course as I stated in B. this is a white morman state. Unfortunately other mormans aren’t as “cultured” as anyone else. Utahn’s live in a bubble, where they think all the other bad shit is happening everywhere else but here.

I say these things not because I hate mormans, every friend that I have made is either a practicing LDS member, or was. I say this because everyone that is not LDS seems to be afraid, I don’t know what it is, there’s like a Morman Mafia out here. But what can we expect from a state that placed 38th in the nation when it came to education.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 11.38.00 PMWhat can I expect from a state that, spends less money per student than ANY other state. Is it really this young white privileged uneducated millennial’s fault? Or is it the failed schooling system that brought him up?
This fiscal year of 2016 the University of Utah, is budgeted for $10.8 million in ticket sales alone, but we can only cough up $6,206 per student each year. If only Utah was as passionate about education as we are BYU Vs. U of U we wouldn’t have kids running around in undergraduate school still believing black americans are animals. As for the kid….
I wanted to be mad at him, but looking at the bigger picture, I had to take a page from my Marine life and told myself, ‘I am not disappointed in you, I am disappointed in your Senior Drill Instructor’. For those of you that dont know what that means….dont worry you never will if you arent a jarhead.

I can cuss this kid out all day, I can even kick his ass (I bench 130 bro;), or I can educate him. Show him the unbiased facts while trying not to belittle him the way he just did an entire race, I can try to reach out and help him.

Who am I kidding….I should’ve kicked his ass. Well this is the start of a very LONG semester.