Hundreds gather at SLC INT’ Airport to rally against Pres. Trump executive order


Saturday night at the Salt Lake international airport, was busier than usual. Hundred of protestors gathered in terminal two to demonstrate a fair immigration sit in. The rally is held after Trump signed an executive order Friday afternoon, that bans all immigrants and visa holders from seven majority-Muslim countries from entering the US for 90 days.

“It’s completely counter [the executive order] to everything the US stands for,” said Kim Gabbitas the demonstration organizer, “its showing we are losing our faith in democracy.” Gabbitas and Hanna Morra (organizer of demonstration) stayed to the very end with a megaphone allowing participants to speak and share their thoughts on the immigration order.

16388130_10206393002184497_2840346180783887453_n.jpg Fair immigration sit in at SLC INT.

Sophia Hawes the first transgender candidate  for the Mayor of Midvale city was the only political (or somewhat political) figure in attendance,”I believe every voice needs to be heard, whether it’s muslim, native american…

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