What Happened to 94.9 The Vibe?


I started an internship at Cumulus Media awhile back, I have had more fun at that job than any other in my 30 years of living on this planet. Radio personalities and DJ’s are like no other people you will ever meet. Sincere, caring, unique and their talents are in my opinion over looked.


I went into work last weekend and was approached by one of the DJ’s that represented The Vibe, that’s when the news hit me, (granted it was late news). This person told me that, without any notice the station changed over night to pop format. They weren’t given so much as a warning, a memo, nothing!

Everyone on desk-jockey side (see what I did there ;), the higher ups, the promotions employees, they all knew this was coming down –except for 94.9’s DJ’s themselves. The person (my source) who I cannot reveal their name at this time was hurt, I could see it in their eyes, hurt that a station which was their lives work changed so quickly over night into another top 40 station.. Now why would the only classic hip hop station in Utah switch to pop? Now the only “rap” station around is U92. If I was a business owner, this wouldn’t make sense. Why give up the one only prominent hip hop FM stations in the state? After asking around (other DJ’s from other stations), I found out the ratings for 94.9 The Vibe were NOT doing good. Over the first few quarters great, then they just dropped, and never recovered. *I havent seen any evidence to support that claim*

94.9 The Vibes Facebook page blew up almost immediately, mostly with confusion and frustration. No press release, no explanation, no memo not even a Facebook post from Cumulus Salt Lake.

“Without handing everyone our playbook, I think listeners will feel very quickly the difference between POWER 94.9 and every other station in SALT LAKE CITY – and love what they hear.” -RICK VAUGHN Cumulus Salt Lake

Clearly there was a reason for the change, but who was in charge of the transition? The hispanic population is the fastest growing population in the US, not only that but nearly 3,000 people of Tongan descent live in Salt Lake City alone (2011). Classic hip hop catered to these communities, now with a very large hole to fill who will step up to the plate? One things for sure U92 is reaping the benefits of being the ONLY hip-hop/rap station in Utah.